Sharks. Some of the most stunning and charismatic predators in our ocean. Over 1000 species of sharks and rays inhabit the ocean’s diverse environments. Encountering the world’s most spectacular species can involve epic journeys. Or simply a trip to the UK coast.

Steve Backshall, BAFTA award-winning naturalist and TV presenter, is a passionate and inspiring champion of sharks. He’s dived, snorkelled and kayaked with sharks all over the world.

Steve and other special guests of the Shark Trust will fill the evening with stories of discovery and connection. And share their love for this fascinating family of marine animals.


We’re pleased to announce that Paul Rose, Marc Dando and Ali Hood will be joining Steve Backshall as some of the special guests. Paul, Marc and Ali will share their personal shark love stories.

Paul Rose: Is an experienced TV presenter and radio broadcaster. A man at the front line of exploration and one of the world’s most experienced divers, field scientist and polar experts, Paul helps scientists unlock and communicate global mysteries in the most remote and challenging regions of the planet.

Marc Dando: Is a Wildlife & Scientific Illustrator. Having completed a degree in Zoology at the university of Nottingham, Marc moved into a career as a graphic designer. This was followed by an opportunity to work on various natural history projects, initially in design, but finally into his passion for wildlife illustration. Marc’s renowned original Sharks of the World book took 3.5 years to complete!

Ali Hood: Director of Conservation for the Shark Trust. Ali has been with the Trust since 2002 and works to secure management and protection for vulnerable species; to develop sustainable fisheries; to hold governments and industry to account for their commitments, and to call them out when they're falling short or praise them for success! She endeavours to inspire the public, researchers, documentary makers, and the media to step away from the tired rhetoric of sharks as species to fear. And to instead to grasp the consequences of biodiversity loss, and the fundamental role played by elasmobranchs in our ocean’s health.

Doors open at 6.00pm (bar available in the Map Room)

The event will start promptly at 7.00pm and will wrap up at 8.45pm

The bar will remain open after the talks.

All profits from the event will support the Shark Trust’s conservation work.

Please note that whilst children are welcome (and would be very much encouraged), there may be some adult themes discussed during the presentation.