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Author: Hannah Tarrant

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We believe the best way to safeguard the future of sharks is through a solutions-based approach that promotes positive change. Like a jigsaw, there are many pieces that make up the big picture.


Author: Hannah Tarrant

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Author: Hannah Tarrant



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Influencing >100 nations to create positive change for sharks


Eggcases recorded to the Great Eggcase Hunt

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  • Canada Protects Endangered Mako Sharks with Groundbreaking Atlantic Ban

    Canada announces groundbreaking move to protect Shortfin Mako in the Atlantic after a sustained campaign by the Shark League to follow the advice of ICCAT scientists. Read more


    The beautiful and bold Blue Shark is named for its dazzling colour. Sleek and agile, they have a distinctive cone shaped snout and large endearing eyes. Read more

  • COVID-19

    We’re still here, we’re just not here. We’re working from home. We’re doing everything we can to maintain business as usual but there are some things that we won’t be able to do from home. Read more