Shark Ecology

Sharks have adapted to inhabit a wide range of niches in every ocean and sea around the world. Click here to find out more about the environments in which sharks live. Read more

Shark Biology

In this section we go back in time to unearth the origins of sharks. We'll explore how all sharks are related, and learn all about their anatomy and super senses. Read more

Skates & Rays

Skates and rays are very closely related to sharks. But they're flatter in shape, which makes them well suited for life on the sea-floor. Read more


Also known as ghost sharks. Chimaera are closely related to sharks, skates and rays. But they diverged from their shark relatives around 400 million years ago. Read more

Experience Sharks

Shark ecotourism takes many forms. The most common are cage diving, boat trips and shark watching. Click here for some helpful tips on finding a responsible tour operator. Read more

Shark Threats

We need sharks to keep our ocean's healthy and teeming with life. But human activity is pushing many species to the brink. Find out more about the biggest threats sharks face. Read more

Shark Attacks (Bite Incidents)

Incidents of people being bitten by sharks are rare. Of the more than 500 known species of shark, only a very few are considered potentially dangerous to humans. Read more

Shark Conservation

Sharks are fascinating and diverse, but there's much more to them than that. Find out more about the changing landscape of shark conservation, and why sharks are so important. Read more

Shark Trust Resources

Raising awareness about sharks is key to safeguarding their future in our oceans. So, we've created a range of resources that you can use to help us spread the word. Read more

Pup's Activity Zone

Inspiring the next generation. Click here to enter our kids zone. Packed with fun facts, resources and ways for Under 12's to get involved with shark conservation. Read more