Pup's Club

Bonkers about sharks? If so, Pup's Club is for you! Become a member today and discover more about the fascinating world of sharks. Read more

Great Eggcase Hunt

We need your help to search the shores for washed up shark and skate eggcases! They come in all sorts of amazing shapes and sizes. And, because of this, we can identify the species that laid it. Read more


You could organise an event at your school or local club. This is a great way to spread awareness and raise money to help sharks. Read more


Get involved with our No Limits? campaign. Join us and Steve Backshall to help stop the overfishing of sharks. Read more

Basking Shark Project

Help us by keeping an eye out for Basking Sharks during May-October. If you spot one record your sighting to our database. Read more